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Nastupno predavanje: Surfaces and atomically thin 2D layers: synthesis and characterization at the nanoscale Dr. sc. Marko Kralj
Institut za fiziku
08.12.2022. u 11:00h
Institut za fiziku, velika predavaonica u 3. krilu i putem Zoom-a

In this talk, I will present the main directions and topics of research that I have been engaged in the past 25 years. The first part regards the research of surfaces, atomically thin films, and nanostructures on surfaces. Characterization of atomic structure, electronic structure, and quasi-particle interactions with the use of surface-sensitive techniques such as scanning probe microscopy (STM, AFM) and electron spectroscopy (ARPES, XPS), provides a wide set of information for understanding the physical and chemical properties of these systems. A special aspect of this research includes the phenomena of templates and self-assembly on the nano-scale. In the second part of the talk, I will focus on some of the research on atomically thin two-dimensional (2D) materials, which are still the central focus of my research interests today. These include the electronic modulation effects in epitaxial graphene, as well as the diverse possibilities of chemical and physical engineering of the properties of graphene and other 2D materials. All the mentioned research is connected by the preparation, synthesis, and modification of well-defined and clean samples on the nanometer and atomic scale. Controlled synthesis and preparation of samples is enriched by ex-situ characterization and subsequent manipulation of atomically thin layers, in order to form van der Waals heterostructures or enable functionality that is not dominated by the substrate on which the 2D material is located, for example for the development of optoelectronic applications. In the final part of the presentation, I will present research perspectives for the next 10 years, which provide opportunities for interdisciplinary aspects and further strengthening of research at the Institute of Physics.

Nastupno predavanje će se održati u velikoj predavaonici u 3. krilu Instituta.

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