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Contrast Dysl


13/12/2022/ at 10:00-13:00hConference: Conference on the occasion of the completion of the Cryogenic Center of the Institute of Physics project - KaCIF Institute of Physics, 3rd wing, big lecture hall and Zoom
21 — 24/11/2022Conference: Znanstveni sastanak ECMetAC Days 2022Split
06 — 09/12/2021Conference: Znanstveni sastanak ECMetAC Days 2021
06 — 08/07/2021Conference: EGAS52 - Conference of the European Group on Atomic SystemsInstitute of Physics, Zagreb, virtually
10 — 11/06/2021Conference: Solid State Science and Research 2021.Online
07 — 10/12/2020Conference: ECMetAC - Days 2020 from December 7 to 10, 2020 (online)Online
03 — 05/10/2018Conference: 11. znanstveni sastanak Hrvatskog fizikalnog društvaBeli Manastir
11 — 13/10/2017Conference: 10. znanstveni sastanak Hrvatskoga fizikalnog društva Baška, Krk
01 — 07/10/2017Conference: Spin, charge and energy transport in novel materialsHvar, Croatia
10 — 15/09/2017Conference: C-MAC Euroschool in Material Science 2017: Physical properties I – electrons, phonons and interactions in complex systemsSplit, Croatia
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