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Contrast Dysl


28/11/2023/ at 11:00hSeminar: Petar Pervan
Electric field modifications of metal-dielectric multilayer systems for fabrication of optical filter microarray
Institute of Physics, 1 st wing lecture room & Zoom
10/11/2023/ at 11:00hSeminar: Dr. Benjamin Fetić
Atomic processes in strong laser fields and attophysics
Institute of Physics, 1st wing lecture room & Zoom
07/11/2023/ at 11:00hSeminar: Dr. Cosme Gonzalez Ayani
Probing the phase transition to a coherent 2D Kondo Lattice
Institute of Physics, 1st wing lecture room & Zoom
02/11/2023/ at 11:00hSeminar: Dr. Alexander Lopez
Interplay of spin-orbit and radiation fields in low-dimensional systems
Institute of Physics, 1st wing lecture room & Zoom
21/09/2023/ at 11:00hSeminar: Dr. Elena Voloshina
Band structure engineering of 2D materials: Insights from theory
Online seminar @Institute of Physics
19/09/2023/ at 11:00hSeminar: Dr. Yuriy Dedkov
Electronic and magnetic properties of 2D materials and systems
Online seminar @Institute of Physics
07/07/2023/ at 13:00hSeminar: Dr. András Vukics
Photon-blockade breakdown as a first-order dissipative phase transition in zero dimension
Institute of Physics, 1st wing lecture hall
15/06/2023/ at 11:00hSeminar: mag. phys. Ana Senkić
Microscopic investigation of intrinsic defects in transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers grown by chemical vapour deposition
Institute of Physics, 1st wing, big lecture hall + online
05/06/2023/ at 11:00hSeminar: prof. Peter Saalfrank,
Light-driven processes in molecules and materials: From photophysics to photochemistry
Institute of Physics, 1st Wing, Lecture room
15/05/2023/ at 11:00hSeminar: Dr. sc. Tonica Valla
How Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy and High Tc Superconductivity grew up together and what is next
IF 1st wing, big lecture hall + online
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