28/07/2018 — Science newsAcceleration of hydrogen absorption by palladium through surface alloying with gold

Together with a group from University in Tokyo, Japan, our colleagues Petar Pervan, emeritus of the Institute Milorad Milun and alumni Ivo Pletikosić have published a paper in the prestigious journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences about the acceleration effect of acceleration of hydrogen absorption by palladium through surface alloying with gold.

28/07/2018 — Science newsSpontaneous light-mediated magnetism in cold atoms

Our colleague Ivor Krešić has published a paper together with collaborators from Great Britain and France on self-organization of magnetic dipoles in cold rubidium atoms illuminated by laser light using a feedback mirror.

18/05/2018 — Science newsBand structure of the thermoelectric SnSe

Our colleague Petar Pervan has together with groups from USA and Italy published a paper in Physical Review Letters on the electron band structure of tin selenide, a layered thermoelectric material.

11/05/2018 — Science newsStrain transfer across grain boundaries in MoS2 monolayers grown by chemical vapor deposition

Together with our colleagues Valentin Jadriško, Borna Radatović, Davor Čapeta, and Marko Kralj, a group of researchers from Universität Münster, Germany, has recently published a paper on the transfer of strain at the grain boundaries of MoS2 monolayers grown by chemical vapor deposition. The results demonstrate that large-area artificially grown MoS2 monolayers are promising for mass-produced nanomechanical devices.

02/03/2018 — Science newsGrowth of quasi-freestanding transition metal disulphide monolayers on van der Waals substrates

Together with our colleagues Borna Pielić and Marko Kralj, group of researches from Germany has recently published a paper on the growth of single-layer disulfides on vdW substrates in ultra-high vacuum. Growth of Different TMDCs require only a small change of parameters in the synthesis procedure, making this method attractive for wide use.

22/02/2018 — Science newsNonequilibrium precondensation of classical waves

Neven Šantić from the Institute of Physics and colleagues from France published a paper in Physical Review Letters in which they observed the evolution of random waves with Gaussian statistics in two dimensions. The evolution is enabled by introducing a repulsive interaction between the waves in the form of a defocusing nonlinearity, with atomic vapor serving as an efficient nonlinear medium.

15/03/2017 — Science newsIntercalated epitaxial graphene

Our colleagues Marin Petrović and Marko Kralj together with collaborators from Germany, Spain, Sweden, and Israel have recently published two papers in journals with high impact factors on the topic of intercalated epitaxial graphene.

20/01/2017 — Science newsSymmetry Reduction in a Quantum Kagome Antiferromagnet

Together with her colleagues from Slovenia, France and USA, our Mirta Herak recently published a paper in Physical Review Letters about symmetry reduction in herbertsmithite. The titular crystal is the closest natural realization of the quantum kagome antiferromagnet. For the first time its magnetic properties reveal a broken symmetry at low temperatures.

01/12/2016 — Science newsDiscrimination of DNA−Protein Complexes by Translocation Through Nanocapillaries

Prof. A. Rađenović from EPFL, Switzerland and Sanjin Marion, assistant at Institut za fiziku, Zagreb, have published a paper in Nano Letters on translocating macromolecules through nano-sized pores in order to discriminate DNA-protein complexes and pin-pointing their binding sites – a step towards practical nanopore devices.

11/11/2016 — Science news

USA patent granted to Institut za fiziku and our inventors dr. Mladen Prester and dr. Đuro Drobac

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