Special — 27/11/2017

The Institute of Physics participated at the annual meeting C-MAC Days 2017

At the annual meeting of the European Integrated Comprehensive Metal Systems Center (C-MAC), held from 20-23 November 2017 in Athens C-MAC Days 2017, the results of the research were also presented by our colleagues Ph.D. Petar Popcevic and Ph.D. Eduard Tutiš.

The lectures were held by external associates of the Institute of Physics: dr. Sc. Kristijan Velebit (TU Wien) and Mag. phy. Marija Zorić (Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb) on topics “From nano-structuring to strong inter-valley scattering: Optical study of dichalcogenides 1T-TaS2 and 1T-TiSe2″ by K. Velebit, P. Popcevic, I. Batistić, M. Eichler, M. Dressel, H. Berger, L. Forró, N. Barišić, E. Tutiš and “Investigation of the thermal properties of single-crystalline SnSe at low temperatures” by M. Zorić, P. Gille, A. Bilušić , A. Smontara, P. Popcevic.


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