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C-MAC EuroSchool 2017: Physical properties I


C-MAC European School in Materials Science is annual event organized within and co-financed by the European Integrated Center for the Development of New Metallic Alloys and Compounds (C-MAC). This year’s EuroSchool in Split is 12th in a row. First five successful schools (starting in 2006) were organized in Ljubljana within the Network of Excellence Complex Metallic Alloys (NoE CMA). After that, C-MAC continued the practice while shifting the event each year to a different location in Europe. EuroSchool strives to provide a lecture-style background to young scientists, PhD students and graduate students in the field of materials, in particular the physics of new and complex metallic alloys and compounds.

This year school will review basics of electron and phonon properties, and their interactions in complex systems. Lectures are divided into pedagogical introductions followed by tutorials where participants will apply acquired knowledge to concrete problems. Topics to be addressed cover the influence of structural complexity to electron and phonon properties, and some manifestations of electron-phonon interaction (like polarons, charge and spin density waves and superconductivity). Complex metallic alloys have strong application potential, from which introduction to thermoelectrics and catalysis will be given.

EuroSchool will be attended by 25 students from different member institutions of C-MAC and Croatian institutions. From Institute of Physics in Zagreb the school will be attended by graduate student Juraj Krsnik, PhD student Ines Markulin and associate collaborator PhD student Marija Zorić. Among fourteen distinguished renowned lecturers two are from Institute of Physics in Zagreb: dr. Eduard Tutiš and dr. Osor Slaven Barišić.

Infrastructural and administrative support to the EuroSchool comes from the Institute of Physics, Zagreb as a member of the C-MAC, and University of Split, Faculty of Science as a host of the EuroSchool.

Cooperation Funds support by Ministry of Science and Education of Republic of Croatia, County of Split – Dalmatia, and HEP are acknowledged.


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