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Contrast Dysl


07/07/2022/ at 11:00hSeminar: Dr. Christian Teichert
Two-dimensional magnetism in layered minerals
IRB 3rd wing, lecture hall
14/06/2022/ at 15:00hSeminar: Dr. Aleksandar Matkovic
Mixed dimensional van der Waals interfaces and their potential applications
IRB 1st wing lecture hall
26/05/2022/ at 10:00hSeminar: Dr. Sanjin Marion
Nanofluidics with ultrathin nanopores
Institute of Physics, Zoom and seminar room
03/05/2022/ at 15:00hSeminar: Dr. Johannes Berndt
Polymerization processes in reactive low temperature plasmas
Institute of Physics, online, Zoom
21/04/2022/ at 11:00hNastupno predavanje: Ivan Balog
Nonperturbative renormalization group and its applications in statistical physics
Institut za fiziku, online, Teams
23/03/2022/ at 15:00hNastupno predavanje: Dean Popović
Dijagnostika i primjena hladne plazme
Institut za fiziku, online, Teams
22/03/2022/ at 11:00hSeminar: Dr. Alessandro Nicolaou
Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering Experiments at the SEXTANTS Beamline and Perspectives for RIXS Under Electric and Magnetic Fields
Institute of Physics, lecture room 1st wing and Zoom
09/12/2021/ at 14:00hSeminar: Radionica „Napredni elektronski materijali u fundamentalnim istraživanjima i primjeni”Institut za fiziku, III krilo, dvorana Mladen Paić
08/12/2021/ at 11:00hSeminar: Antonio Šiber
Mehanika isušivanja i bubrenja peludi
Seminar: Mechanics of desiccation and swelling of pollen
via Zoom
06 — 09/12/2021Conference: Znanstveni sastanak ECMetAC Days 2021
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