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06/07/2016 Shapes of DNA ropes condensed within viruses

A new paper by Antonio Šiber published in Scientific Reports models the structure and geometry of DNA molecules within viruses. The new work comprises not only the known shapes of packed DNA but also predicts certain novel conformations, which helps explain the functioning of viruses.

05/04/2016 Enhancement of bulk skyrmion stability under pressure

Skyrmions are vortices of spin which appear in chiral magnets. Nanometer-sized domains and low energy make them ideal candidates for future data storage devices. However, their application is hampered by their very narrow temperature window. The latest paper by our colleagues shows that the skyrmion phase can be widened significantly under pressure.

11/11/2015 Drag force on a DNA-protein complex pulled through a glass nanocapillary

Sanjin Marion published a paper in Nano Letters (IF=13.6 in 2014.) together with UKF project collaborators prof. A. Rađenović and R. Bulushev from EPFL on the topic of controlled translocation of individual DNA bound proteins using optical tweezers. S. Marion contributed through interpretation and theoretical modeling of experimental results.


05/10/2015 Nano-rippled graphene – a modified graphene for large scale applications

In their latest Carbon paper, I. Šrut Rakić and M. Kralj together with D. Čapeta (PMF) and M. Plodinec (IRB) describe synthesis of macroscopic nano-rippled graphene on a vicinal metal surface and its transfer to a dielectric support. The procedure opens up possible applications in sensors, electrodes, optoelectronics, spintronics, and straintronics.

15/12/2015Colloquium in joint organization

Next Tuesday, December 22, prof. Andras Kis will present a colloquium titled “2D dichalcogenide electronic materials and devices” at the Institute of Physics. This colloquium of CEMS is prepared in a joined organization of IF, IRB and PD-PMF.

18/07/2016Announcement of vacancies for Scientific Advisor (m/f), in the field of research of the Institute (2 employees) and Research Associate (m/f), in the field of experimental condensed matter, (1 employee).
25/08/2016/ at 15:00hSeminar: Dr. Jhuma Sannigrahi
Study of magnetic and dielectric properties of 3d transition metal oxides
IF - predavaonica u zgradi Mladen Paić
07/07/2016Announcement of vaccancies for 1 PhD student on the basis of competition HrZZ "project for the career development of young researchers - the training of new doctors of science" for the period of 2 years, under the terms HrZZ.
27/06/2016/ at 11:00hPredstavljanje projekta: Iva Šarić, Ivna Kavre Piltaver, Robert Peter i Mladen Petravić
IF - Dvorana Mladen Paić
10/06/2015New project

New contract signed among Croatian Science Foundation, Institute of Physics and principal investigator dr. Ticijana Ban on execution of four years research project “Frequency-Comb-induced OptoMechanics“ starting at 1.09.2015.

24/05/2016Announcement of vacancies for 1 postdoctoral student position in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics at the Institute of Physics, Zagreb
15/06/2016/ at 15:00hSeminar: Dr. Daniele Comparat
Ultra cold beam: electrons/ions/atoms/molecules
IF - predavaonica u zgradi Mladen Paić
15/04/2016We are glad to announce that dr. Petar Popčević has been elected as Research Associate
31/05/2016/ at 15:00hSeminar: Prof. dr. sc. Mladen Pavičić
Kvantna kontekstualnost u holografskom pristupu
IF - predavaonica u zgradi Mladen Paić
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