01/06/2017 Strategic project of the Institute of Physics

Center for Advanced Laser Techniques (CALT) was proclaimed by the MZO as a strategic project of the Republic of Croatia in the field of scientific research infrastructure and in May 2017 a preliminary financing contract was signed. The start of the project implementation is planned for the beginning of 2018.


Marko Kralj, znanstveni savjetnik Instituta za fiziku, dobitnik je nagrade Hrvatske akademije znanosti i umjetnosti za najviša znanstvena i umjetnička dostignuća u Republici Hrvatskoj za 2016. godinu

15/03/2017 Intercalated epitaxial graphene

Our colleagues Marin Petrović and Marko Kralj together with collaborators from Germany, Spain, Sweden, and Israel have recently published two papers in journals with high impact factors on the topic of intercalated epitaxial graphene.

20/01/2017 Symmetry Reduction in a Quantum Kagome Antiferromagnet

Together with her colleagues from Slovenia, France and USA, our Mirta Herak recently published a paper in Physical Review Letters about symmetry reduction in herbertsmithite. The titular crystal is the closest natural realization of the quantum kagome antiferromagnet. For the first time its magnetic properties reveal a broken symmetry at low temperatures.

01/12/2016 Discrimination of DNA−Protein Complexes by Translocation Through Nanocapillaries

Prof. A. Rađenović from EPFL, Switzerland and Sanjin Marion, assistant at Institut za fiziku, Zagreb, have published a paper in Nano Letters on translocating macromolecules through nano-sized pores in order to discriminate DNA-protein complexes and pin-pointing their binding sites – a step towards practical nanopore devices.

slika 23/02/2017 Horizion 2020 - M4F

European Commission has recently approved the Horizon 2020 proposal Multiscale Modelling For Fusion and Fission Materials which engages Institute of Physics’ participation among 19 other EU research institutions.

slika 15/12/2015 Colloquium in joint organization

Next Tuesday, December 22, prof. Andras Kis will present a colloquium titled “2D dichalcogenide electronic materials and devices” at the Institute of Physics. This colloquium of CEMS is prepared in a joined organization of IF, IRB and PD-PMF.

News Events
12/08/2017 The Institute announces vacancies for Ph.D. students - Early-Stage Researchers. Two positions available during one year.
03 - 07/09/2017 Conference: The Seventh Central European Symposium on Plasma Chemistry (CESPC-7) Sveti Martin na Muri, Croatia
18/07/2017 Institute of physics advertises nine job vacancies.
10 - 15/09/2017 Conference: C-MAC Euroschool in Material Science 2017: Physical properties I – electrons, phonons and interactions in complex systems Split, Croatia
11/11/2016 USA patent granted to Institut za fiziku and our inventors dr. Mladen Prester and dr. Đuro Drobac
01 - 07/10/2017 Conference: Spin, charge and energy transport in novel materials Hvar, Croatia
15/04/2016 We are glad to announce that dr. Petar Popčević has been elected as Research Associate
11 - 13/10/2017 Conference: 10. znanstveni sastanak Hrvatskoga fizikalnog društva Baška, Krk
04/11/2015 We are glad to announce that dr. Nikolina Novosel has been elected as Research Associate
20/07/2017/ at 15:00h (the event has ended) Seminar: dr. sc. Marko Gacesa
NASA MAVEN Mission: How did Mars lose its atmosphere? IF - predavaonica u zgradi Mladen Paić
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