22/02/2019 Cooling of atoms using an optical frequency comb

Our cold atomic gases research team, N. Šantić, D. Buhin, D. Kovačić, I. Krešić, D. Aumiler and T. Ban published their work in Scientific Reports where the cooling of the rubidium atoms has been studied by an unconventional method based on the use of femtosecond laser, which in the frequency domain acts as an optical frequency comb. This method could enable cooling of atoms with strong transitions in UV spectrum range which cannot be cooled by laser due to shortage of continuous-wave laser light sources in this spectral range.

05/02/2019 Unusual behavior of cuprates explained by heterogeneous charge localization

Our colleague Petar Popčević, in collaboration with scientists from the Physical Department of PMF in Zagreb, Technical University of Vienna, Austria, and the University of Minnesota has published a paper in prestigious journal Science Advances. In this work a phenomenological model of high temperature superconductors based on copper oxides (cuprates) which describes and connects the most important features of these materials is proposed.

25/01/2019 Organic insulators and the Mott-Anderson localization

Our colleagues Matija Čulo, Tomislav Ivek, Silvia Tomić, and Bojana Hamzić have together with collaborators from Zagreb, Japan, USA and Germany published an article about the influence of disorder on magnetotransport properties of organic insulators with Mott-Anderson localization. The article is published in Physical Review B and picked by editor as a highlighted paper.

11/01/2019 Ultrafast transient dynamics of adsorbates on surfaces deciphered: the case of CO on Cu(100)

Our colleague Dino Novko and his collaborators from Spain and Germany have published a paper in prestigious journal Physical Review Letters. Combining many-body perturbation theory and an effective temperature model, they have disentangled the electron- and vibration-driven interaction channels in ultrafast CO motion on metal surfaces.

05/11/2018 Non-Gaussian fluctuations govern disordered Weyl semimetals

Our colleague Ivan Balog and his collaborators from Université de Lyon in France have published a paper in prestigious journal Physical Review Letters. Their work demonstrates a new theoretical approach to describe the disorder-driven quantum phase transition in Weyl semimetals.

slika 19/08/2019

Our colleague Dr. Nikša Krstulović has been honored to be a guest editor in the special issue of Materials magazine entitled ”Laser Ablation: Materials and Applications”.  It will provide an overview of the latest scientific developments related to the laser ablation process and related applications in the analysis and synthesis of new materials.

slika 18/03/2019 Dean Popovic defended his doctoral dissertation

Dean Popovic defended his PhD thesis titled Diagnostics and the application of pulsed cold atmospheric plasma.

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14/03/2019 Plenary meeting of the Association of Resources for Biophysical Research in Europe-Molecular Biophysics in Europe (ARBRE-MOBIEU)
24/09/2019/ at 11:00h (tommorow) Seminar: Ph.D. Mirko Vukovic
Moore's law and the evolution of plasma etch equipment and process & impressions and recollections of applied physics research in semiconductor manufacturing-life lessons IF - predavaonica u zgradi Mladen Paić
05/10/2018 Nobel Prize in physics 2018 awarded for discoveries in laser physics
25/09/2019/ at 15:00h (wednesday) Seminar: dr. Hamid Reza Hamedi
Light beams carrying orbital angular momentum interacting with cold atoms IF - predavaonica u zgradi Mladen Paić
28/09/2018 New PhD students employed within the Institute of Physics' projects
31/07/2019/ at 14:00h (the event has ended) Seminar: Naveen Singh Dhami
Electrolyte gated thin film transistors IF - predavaonica u zgradi Mladen Paić
31/08/2018 Based on the Procedure for scholarship awarding of December the 20th 2016, the Institute of physics in
Zagreb announces the proposal for two scholarships
24/07/2019/ at 15:00h (the event has ended) Seminar: Valentin Torggler
Self-ordering and quantum optimization of cold atoms in a multi-mode cavity IF - predavaonica u zgradi Mladen Paić
24/08/2018 The Institute invites the assistant job vacancies (w / m, 2 executives) for a fixed term of up to 4 years, and for the purpose of acquiring the academic degree of a doctor of science.
05/06/2019/ at 15:00h (the event has ended) Seminar: Prof. Dariusz Kaczorowski
Electronic transport in topological semimetals IF - predavaonica u zgradi Mladen Paić
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