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28/01/2021 Uncovering the Electron‐Phonon Interplay and Dynamical Energy‐Dissipation Mechanisms of Hot Carriers in Hybrid Lead Halide Perovskites

Our colleague Dino Novko, in collaboration with Ivor Lončarić from Ruđer Bošković Institute and with scientists based in Hong Kong and Guangzhou (China), has published a paper in the prestigious journal Advanced Energy Materials. The authors investigate the role of electron-phonon interactions in ultrafast hot‐carrier cooling processes for several hybrid lead halide perovskites by employing transient absorption spectroscopy and density functional perturbation theory.

11/01/2021 Plasmonic Photoemission from Single-Crystalline Silver

Our colleagues Dino Novko and Branko Gumhalter, in collaboration with the scientists from the University of Pittsburgh and Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, have published a paper in the prestigious journal ACS Photonics. The authors investigate a peculiar non-Einsteinian plasmonic photoemission from silver surfaces.

28/11/2020 Molecular quantum materials: electronic phases and charge dynamics in two-dimensional organic solids

Our colleague Silvia Tomić in collaboration with Martin Dressel from the Universitaet Stuttgart has published the review article in Advances in Physics. The authors provide a perspective on recent developments and their implications for understanding of novel quantum phenomena in the physics of two-dimensional organic solids, recognized as versatile quantum materials that host a broad range of quantum phenomena, which stay at the center stage of condensed-matter physics today.

12/10/2020 Mechanical design of apertures and the infolding of pollen grain

Our colleague Antonio Šiber, in collaboration with Anže Božič from the Jožef Stefan Institute has published an article in prestigious journal, the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The authors investigated how the infolding of the pollen grain depends on its mechanical design. Their elastic model of the grain showed that the elasticity and geometry of the grain must be precisely tuned in order to enable the infolding which reflect directly on the functionality and the evolution of the pollen.

15/09/2020 Cluster Superlattice Membranes

Our colleagues Davor Čapeta and Marko Kralj, as part of international cooperation, published a paper in the prestigious journal ACS Nano. The paper demonstrates the possibility of forming a free-standing nano-membrane, which consists of a periodic network of metallic nano-clusters on graphene, additionally reinforced with protective layer of amorphous carbon.

slika-za-naslovnicu 28/10/2019 New senior research associate Dr. Zgrablić is our new senior research associate. In the scope of CALT project he will develop new research based on time-resolved, multidimensional, pump-probe, femtosecond laser techniques.
slika-za-naslovnicu 21/10/2019 New project at our Institute Dr. Hrvoje Skenderović is the leader of the international project Biological and Bioinspired Structures for Multispectral Surveillance funded by the NATO-Science for Peace and Security Program.
slika-za-naslovnicu 19/08/2019 Our colleague Dr. Nikša Krstulović has been honored to be a guest editor in the special issue of Materials magazine entitled ”Laser Ablation: Materials and Applications”.
18/03/2019 Dean Popovic defended his PhD thesis titled Diagnostics and the application of pulsed cold atmospheric plasma.
14/03/2019 Plenary meeting of the Association of Resources for Biophysical Research in Europe-Molecular Biophysics in Europe (ARBRE-MOBIEU).
05/10/2018 Arthur Ashkin, Gérard Mourou and Donna Strickland have been awarded the Nobel Prize in physics 2018 for their revolutionary discoveries in the field of laser physics.
08/03/2021/ at 15:00h (monday) Nastupno predavanje: dr. sc. Matija Čulo
Anomalous transport mechanisms in strongly correlated electron systems Online - Teams
05/03/2021/ at 15:00h (the event has ended) Nastupno predavanje: dr. sc. Eduard Tutiš
Systems with strong nonlinearities in condensed matter physics / Jako nelinearni sustavi u fizici kondenzirane materije Online - Teams
03/03/2021/ at 15:00h (the event has ended) Nastupno predavanje: dr. sc. Tomislav Ivek
Kolektivni odziv materijala s mogućim magnetoelektričnim efektom Online - Teams
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