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18/05/2022 Transforming space with non-Hermitian dielectrics

Our colleague Ivor Krešić has published a paper in the Physical Review Letters, in which nonconformal geometric deformations of two-dimensional space are related to the non-Hermitian dielectric response of optically isotropic materials. Theoretical insights were used for the design of a broadband “invisibility cloak”, which prevents the detection of a desired object by both continuous and pulsed radiation.

06/05/2022 Mechanical manipulation of large scale 2D layers of boron

Members of our SIMAT group, with PhD student Borna Radatović as the leading author, published a paper in the prestigious journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, where they have successfully linked large-scale growth of borophene and its transfer to arbitrary substrates. The quality of the transferred borophene, which is key for future applications, was confirmed in a combined experimental and theoretical approach.

14/03/2022 Ultrafast Plasmonic Response Ensured by Atomic Scale Confinement

Our colleagues Dino Novko, Marin Petrović, and Marko Kralj, in collaboration with colleagues from Japan (Kyoto University, Toyota Physical and Chemical Research Institute, Open University of Japan), published a paper in the journal ACS Photonics on ultrafast time dynamics of multipole plasmon in heterostructures based on 2D materials.

02/03/2022 Metal oxide nanoparticles as solid contact in ion-selective electrodes sensitive to potassium ions

Our colleagues Nikša Krstulović, Damjan Blažeka and Julio Car, in collaboration with the scientists from the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University and Lublin University of Technology, have published a paper about metal oxide nanoparticles as solid contact in ion-selective electrodes sensitive to potassium ions. This result is important since it opens possibility of future collaboration with scientist from Poland.

04/02/2022 Multidimensional multiphoton momentum microscopy of the anisotropic Ag(110) surface

Our colleagues Dino Novko and Branko Gumhalter, in collaboration with the scientists from the University of Pittsburgh and Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, have published a paper about novel band-structure features of the anisotropic Ag(110) surface. Their work received “Editors’ Suggestion” from Physical Review B.

slika-za-naslovnicu 07/07/2021 EGAS52 - Conference of the European Group on Atomic Systems EGAS is a division of the European Physical Society and has held an annual conference every year since 1969 without interruption. The conference is one of the most successful European conferences in the broad field of AMO physics.
slika-za-naslovnicu 06/07/2021 Awarded solution to the EVA2021 Data Challenge Dr. sc. Tomislav Ivek (Institut za fiziku) and doc. dr. sc. Domagoj Vlah (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb) have won the first prize at the Data Challenge of the Extreme Value Analysis 2021 conference 
slika-za-naslovnicu 28/10/2019 New senior research associate Dr. Zgrablić is our new senior research associate. In the scope of CALT project he will develop new research based on time-resolved, multidimensional, pump-probe, femtosecond laser techniques.
27/09/2021 Institute of Physics has recently received support from IP Booster. IP Booster is a specialised professional Intellectual Property service for public research organisations.
21/10/2019 Dr. Hrvoje Skenderović is the leader of the international project Biological and Bioinspired Structures for Multispectral Surveillance funded by the NATO.
19/08/2019 Dr. Nikša Krstulović has been honored to be a guest editor in the special issue of Materials magazine, ''Laser Ablation: Materials and Applications''.
03/05/2022/ at 15:00h (the event has ended) Seminar: Dr. Johannes Berndt
Polymerization processes in reactive low temperature plasmas Institute of Physics, online, Zoom
21/04/2022/ at 11:00h (the event has ended) Nastupno predavanje: Ivan Balog
Nonperturbative renormalization group and its applications in statistical physics Institut za fiziku, online, Teams
23/03/2022/ at 15:00h (the event has ended) Nastupno predavanje: Dean Popović
Dijagnostika i primjena hladne plazme Institut za fiziku, online, Teams
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