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07/09/2021 Cavity exciton polaritons in two-dimensional semiconductors from first principles

Our colleagues Dino Novko and Vito Despoja have published a paper in Physical Review Research in a Letter format. The authors present a fully ab initio microscopic theory that is able to simulate a formation of exciton polaritons in realistic two-dimensional microcavity devices.

31/08/2021 New phases of two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides

Our colleagues Marin Petrović and Marko Kralj in collaboration with researchers from several institutions (Universities of Siegen, Cologne and Münster in Germany, and King Abdullah University in Saudi Arabia) published an article in the prestigious journal ACS Nano, on the controlled synthesis of two different phases of monolayer tantalum sulfide.

14/05/2021 Plasmonically assisted channels of photoemission from metals

Our colleagues Dino Novko, Vito Despoja, and Branko Gumhalter, in collaboration with the scientists from the University of Pittsburgh and Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, have published a paper as Editors’ Suggestion in Physical Review B. The authors present a rigorous theory to explain a novel plasmonic photoemission feature in silver.

01/04/2021 Synthesis of large-scale 2D boron

Our colleague Marin Petrović has published a paper in the prestigious journal ACS Nano, demonstrating a scalable route for the synthesis of 2D boron sheets of single-atom thickness. The paper is a result of collaborative work with researchers from the University of Duisburg-Essen and the University of Cologne. The presented findings provide new opportunities for fabrication of large, high-quality layers of emerging 2D materials.

28/01/2021 Uncovering the Electron‐Phonon Interplay and Dynamical Energy‐Dissipation Mechanisms of Hot Carriers in Hybrid Lead Halide Perovskites

Our colleague Dino Novko, in collaboration with Ivor Lončarić from Ruđer Bošković Institute and with scientists based in Hong Kong and Guangzhou (China), has published a paper in the prestigious journal Advanced Energy Materials. The authors investigate the role of electron-phonon interactions in ultrafast hot‐carrier cooling processes for several hybrid lead halide perovskites by employing transient absorption spectroscopy and density functional perturbation theory.

slika-za-naslovnicu 07/07/2021 EGAS52 - Conference of the European Group on Atomic Systems EGAS is a division of the European Physical Society and has held an annual conference every year since 1969 without interruption. The conference is one of the most successful European conferences in the broad field of AMO physics.
slika-za-naslovnicu 06/07/2021 Awarded solution to the EVA2021 Data Challenge Dr. sc. Tomislav Ivek (Institut za fiziku) and doc. dr. sc. Domagoj Vlah (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb) have won the first prize at the Data Challenge of the Extreme Value Analysis 2021 conference 
slika-za-naslovnicu 28/10/2019 New senior research associate Dr. Zgrablić is our new senior research associate. In the scope of CALT project he will develop new research based on time-resolved, multidimensional, pump-probe, femtosecond laser techniques.
27/09/2021 Institute of Physics has recently received support from IP Booster. IP Booster is a specialised professional Intellectual Property service for public research organisations.
21/10/2019 Dr. Hrvoje Skenderović is the leader of the international project Biological and Bioinspired Structures for Multispectral Surveillance funded by the NATO.
19/08/2019 Dr. Nikša Krstulović has been honored to be a guest editor in the special issue of Materials magazine, ''Laser Ablation: Materials and Applications''.
30/09/2021/ at 11:00h (thursday) Seminar: Dr.Siham Benhabib
Photo-induced structural dynamics in Magnetite Room ``Mladen Paić", 3rd wing, and Zoom
13 - 14/09/2021 (the event has ended) Seminar: Igor Bošnjaković
Inovacije na Institutu za fiziku: Zaštita patentom Online u 11:00
13/07/2021/ at 11:00h (the event has ended) Stručni skup: 1. Panel rasprave projekta „Prilagodba povrtnih kultura novim agrometeorološkim uvjetima u Slavoniji“ Sveučilište u Slavonskom Brodu
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