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01/12/2016 Discrimination of DNA−Protein Complexes by Translocation Through Nanocapillaries

Prof. A. Rađenović from EPFL, Switzerland and Sanjin Marion, assistant at Institut za fiziku, Zagreb, have published a paper in Nano Letters on translocating macromolecules through nano-sized pores in order to discriminate DNA-protein complexes and pin-pointing their binding sites – a step towards practical nanopore devices.

11/11/2016 USA patent granted to Institut za fiziku and our inventors dr. Mladen Prester and dr. Đuro Drobac

Institutu za fiziku and our inventors dr. Mladen Prester and dr. Đuro Drobac have been awarded patent US 9,458,969 B2 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the invention of “Cryostat with PTR cooling and two stage sample holder thermalization”.

31/10/2016 Properties of the low-temperature order in the 1D semiconductor (NbSe4)3I

Two groups from Institute of Physics have recently published an article in Physical Review B studying the phase transitions in (NbSe4)3I semiconductor by ultrafast time resolved spectroscopy, which is the first time the technique has been employed at the Institute. This also marks the fruitful beginning of collaboration for our two groups which cover two distinct areas of physics: atomic physics and condensed matter physics.

24/09/2016 Quasiparticle spectra calculated by the combined use of GW approximation and cumulant expansion

Together with his collaborators from Zagreb and Oxford, Branko Gumhalter has published a paper in Physical Review B on a new framework for calculating electron spectra in crystals which systematically and consistently combines the so-called GW approximation and the cumulant expansion.

15/12/2015Colloquium in joint organization

Next Tuesday, December 22, prof. Andras Kis will present a colloquium titled “2D dichalcogenide electronic materials and devices” at the Institute of Physics. This colloquium of CEMS is prepared in a joined organization of IF, IRB and PD-PMF.

20/09/2016Announcement of vacancy for 1 PhD student to work at the project Holography and interferometry under weak illumination (HI-WI).
09/12/2016/ at 11:00hSeminar: Artem Badasyan
Physics behind the Conformational Transitions in Biopolymers. Demystification of DNA melting and Protein Folding
IF - predavaonica u zgradi Mladen Paić
20/09/2016Announcement of vacancy for 1 PhD student to work at the project Laser - Cold Plasma Interaction And Diagnostics (LaCPID).
09/12/2016/ at 15:00hSeminar: Dejan Todorović
Applications of Graphene in Acoustic Technology
IF - predavaonica u zgradi Mladen Paić
10/06/2015New project

New contract signed among Croatian Science Foundation, Institute of Physics and principal investigator dr. Ticijana Ban on execution of four years research project “Frequency-Comb-induced OptoMechanics“ starting at 1.09.2015.

20/09/2016Announcement of vacancy for 1 PhD student to work at the project Center of excellence for advanced materials and sensing devices (CEMS-G2D).
12/12/2016/ at 15:00hSeminar: Prof. Peter Prelovšek
From disordered spin chains to many-body localization
IF - predavaonica u zgradi Mladen Paić
12/09/2016Announcement of vacancies for PhD student within the call for proposals of Croatian Science Foundation "Project for the career development of young researchers - the training of new doctors of science".
13/12/2016/ at 15:00hNastupno predavanje: Marko Kralj
Površine, 2D slojeviti materijali i nanotehnologija
IF - predavaonica u zgradi Mladen Paić
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