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About institute



Institute of Physics is a public institute whose main activities constitute scientific research in theoretical and experimental physics.

Institute of Physics was founded in 1960, as an institute devoted to scientific research in solid state physics and physics of ionized gases. Although a solid part of nowadays’ activities may still be incorporated in such a classification, it is better to say that, taking into account their scope and range of subjects, today’s activities encompass various branches of physics, such as solid state physics, surface physics, statistical physics, biological physics, atomic and molecular physics, optical physics and plasma physics.

Institute of Physics employs 35 scientists at permanent positions, 17 PhD students and 26 technical and administrative staff.

Besides Institute’s permanent goal to acquire as high level of research quality as possible, its mission includes also the efforts to ensure that the research enables the technology transfer to the industry standards through the foundation of spin-off companies. The third component of our activities is education. A large number of scientists of the Institute participate in education of students both through the supervision of graduate and PhD theses and through teaching and undergraduate and graduate studies on Croatian universities.


Institute of Physics is located at one of the calm and green oases in the hilly north part of Zagreb, in the surroundings of kindred faculties and institutes, and may be reached by twenty minutes’ walk from the very centre of town.

The Scientific Council of the Institute addopted in 2012 the Development Strategy for the period 2013-2017.


The Institute of Physics is dedicated to perform high quality basic research in physics as a prerequisite for the process of technology and knowledge transfer so as to give a notable, sustainable and socially responsible contribution to the development of Croatia, the region and EU.


    • A scientific institution adopting the highest international standards in research.
    • An institution which in cooperation with other national, regional or international institutions carries out complex research programmes in accord with the national and EU scientific strategies.
    • An institution which through the various centres of excellence and user laboratories provides infrastructure and intra- and extra-institutional expertise for highest quality research.
    • National research centre providing the stakeholders assisted access to technologies, knowledge and skills developed at the Institute.
    • An innovation centre developing and transferring technology based on the results of its own research.
    • An institution where the young people are educated and trained for the acceptance of emerging technologies in the course of active research.
    • An organization which manages its large educational potentials in a systematic and socially responsible manner (preparation, storage and dissemination of the various educational contents).
    • An institution with well developed national, regional and international cooperation and integrated in the ERA.


  • The Institute is dedicated to the requirements of highest quality fundamental and applied research as indispensable ingredients of the cultural, educational and economical foundations of the society.
  • The Institute adheres to the notion that creativity and curiosity are the basic driving forces of top quality research which enables breakthroughs and innovative solutions to the problems addressed in science.
  • The Institute adheres to the notion that is possible and necessary to develop more prosperous and competitive economy on the basis of scientific achievements.
  • The Institute shall adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards in all aspects of its activities.
  • The Institute takes the obligation to manage the resources at its disposal in a responsible and professional manner.
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