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Contrast Dysl
Nastupno predavanje: Overcoming challenges in synthesis, characterization and manipulation of epitaxial 2D materials Marin Petrović
Institut za fiziku
25/04/2023/ at 11:00h
Institut za fiziku, dvorana u 1. krilu i online

Pursuit for new materials with advanced properties led to the discovery and intense investigation of an entire family of so-called two-dimensional materials (2DMs), characterized by the ultimate thickness of only few atoms. These materials possess exciting physical and chemical properties which are also interesting from the applicative point of view. Within this talk, I will give an overview of my research conducted on the globally still very active topic of 2DMs. The overview includes studies of material synthesis, characterization of physical and chemical properties as well as integration of 2DMs into more complex systems and heterostructures. For all these segments of research, a multi-method approach was applied, including various spectroscopic (ARPES, XPS, STS) and microscopic techniques (STM, AFM, SEM, LEEM, PEEM) whose application to 2DM-related questions will be showcased in this presentation. Specifically, I will address research conducted on epitaxial graphene, including effects of atomic and molecular deposition on graphene’s electronic properties. Synthesis of transition-metal dichalcogenide (TMD) systems and their mechanical properties will also be discussed. Majority of the talk will be devoted to the fabrication of epitaxial hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) and borophene in ultra-high vacuum, including in situ and ex situ characterization of those materials. Efforts to produce high-quality layers with well-defined properties, also suitable for transfer and utilization in various devices, will be presented. Finally, I will provide an outlook of my future research at the Institute of Physics, with ideas of possible expansion in terms of new collaborations, equipment and research topics.

Nastupno predavanje će se održati u predavaonici u 1. krilu Instituta.

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Meeting ID: 813 4762 3269

Passcode: 653142

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