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Contrast Dysl
Nastupno predavanje: Spectroscopy and microscopy of low-dimensional systems Prof. dr. sc. Yuriy Dedkov
, Department of Physics, Shanghai University, China
27/03/2024/ at 14:00h
Online, Zoom

Electronic and magnetic properties of different low-dimensional systems are in the focus of many experimental and theoretical works for several decades. Such systems demonstrate many fascinating physical phenomena, and from the practical point of view these studies are important for the understanding of functionality of low-dimensional objects in different devices and applications. Moreover, the recent progress in studies of 2D materials brought them in the forefront, and presently many so-called heterosystems based on such materials are under study worldwide, giving much hope on the observation of new physical effects and then on their utilization in new industrial applications.

In my talk I will present a brief overview of our experimental and theoretical works on the studies of different low-dimensional systems (thin films of metals, oxide/metal interfaces, graphene on metals, transition metal trichalcogenides, etc.), where different spectroscopic and microscopic methods were used, like photoelectron spectroscopy with spin-resolution, scanning probe microscopy and spectroscopy, X-ray absorption spectroscopy and dichroism and others. Then, several detailed examples on the application of these experimental methods to 2D heterosystems will be shown. In the end I will briefly overview my near-future plans on the studies of different systems on the basis of 2D materials.


Nastupno predavanje će se održati putem aplikacije Zoom.

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Meeting ID: 890 1766 9438

Passcode: 379165

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