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Contrast Dysl
Seminar: Luminescent lanthanide molecular materials and their applications Dr. Dimitrije Mara, Research associate
Institute of General and Physical Chemistry, Studentski trg 12/V, 11158, Belgrade, P.O. Box 45, Serbia
08/04/2024/ at 14:00h
Institute of Physics, 1st wing lecture room & Zoom

Luminescent lanthanide materials have been in use from the last decade of 19th century when the Austrian scientist Carl Auer von Welsbach has patented the light mantle called Auer mantle of Auer light.[1] From that time till know the luminescent lanthanide materials have found application in different fields of photonics from lasers, lighting, telecommunications, sensors to quantum applications.[2]

Molecular luminescent lanthanide materials give wider range of the flexibility in use from the inorganic based luminescent lanthanide materials, as there is possibility of design of specific material for the application which it will be used for. Also, it is possible to introduce it into different more complex matrixes (such as sol-gels, polymers) or put them on the structured surfaces such as cavities or plasmonic structures.

Here, it will be presented short overview of some of my past, current and future research which is based on different type of luminescent lanthanide molecular materials and their applications. The first research is based on lanthanide b-diketonate complexes, second on the lanthanide hydrogen bonded organic frameworks (HOFs) and third is on the lanthanide metalorganic frameworks (MOFs) and their applications. Some of the applications which will be presented are on sensing in this case optical thermometry, lighting, telecommunications and on nonlinear optical properties such as second harmonic generation (SHG) and multiphoton fluorescence (MPF) materials which can have potential use in the quantum optics, telecommunications and computing.[3,4] 



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Seminar hostsNeven Šantić i Matija Čulo

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