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Special — 01/12/2022

Highlights from the ECMetAC Days 2022

Annual meeting ECMetAC-Days 2022, was organized in person in Split from November 21 to 24, 2022. The European Integrated Center for the Development of New Metal Alloys and Compounds (ECMetAC) is comprised of 21 universities or national research institutes. The main objective of the center is promotion of collaborative research in material science where all partners have access to a world-level facilities for materials preparation, single crystal growth, material modeling at high performance computing centers, structural characterization, and state of the art techniques in solid state physics research. While Institute of Physics, Zagreb is member of the center from its founding, PMF Zagreb and PMF Split joined latter which resulted in formation of a Croatian ECMetAC node.  

Croatian scientists had notable role in the meeting this year with 14 contributions (please see the list below). It is worth mentioning that “The young scientist best oral presentation” was awarded to Priyanka Reddy from PMF Zagreb for the talk “Murunskite: a bridge between cuprates and pnictides”.

Oral presentations:

Compositionally complex alloys: some problems and prospects
                       presented by prof. dr. sc. Emil Babić, PMF Zagreb

Pressure evolution of electronic and crystal structures of EuTGe3 (T = Co, Rh, Ir)
                      presented by Naveen Singh Dhami, mag. phys., IF

Nodal-line driven anomalous susceptibility in ZrSiS
                      presented by izv. prof. dr. sc. Mario Novak, PMF Zagreb

Murunskite: a bridge between cuprates and pnictides
                      presented by Priyanka Reddy, mag. phys., PMF Zagreb

High throughput in-vivo toxicity test of organo-metallic photovoltaic perovskites via micro fluidics on the C. elegans
                       presented by Josipa Šćurla, mag. phys., PMF Split

Collective plasmon modes of Dirac electrons in composite systems
                       presented by izv. prof. dr. sc. Željana Bonačić Lošić, PMF Split

Complexities of 2H-NbS2 intercalations
                       presented by dr. sc. Petar Popčević, IF

Poster presentations:

Contributions to the understanding of thermal and electronic transport in complex metallic compounds: from periodic to quasi-periodic crystals
                     presented by dr. sc. Ana Smontara, IF

Superconductivity and possible variable range hopping in (TiZrNbCu)1-xNix, (TiZrNbNi)1-xCux and (TiZrNbCu)1-xCox complex amorphous alloys
                      presented by izv. prof. dr. sc. Mario Basletić, PMF Zagreb

Truly colossal negative magnetoresistance in EuCd2As2 at low temperatures
                       presented by Bruno Gudac, mag. phys., PMF Zagreb

Photoresponse behavior of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
                        presented by Gaurav Pransu, mag. phys., IF

Emergence of intercalated transition metal derived bands near the Fermi level of (Co,

                         presented by dr. sc. Yuki Utsumi Boucher, IF

Synthesis and characterization of magnetic transition metal chalcogenides
                         presented by Seyed Ashkan Moghadam Ziabari, mag. phys., IF

Tuning thermal conductivity of hydrogen fuel cell catalyst films
                          presented by Anton Kabaši, mag. phsy., PMF Split


Ana Smontara, Seyed Ashkan Moghadam Ziabari, Yuki Utsumi Boucher and Gaurav Pransu during poster session at ECMetAC Days2022.


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