Special — 01/03/2018

New record number of employment at the Institute

In the light of new major Institute’s projects, recently we have witnessed a number of new employment opportunities at our Institute. The latest recruitment brought together a record number of excellent candidates, which is encouraging for the future of the Institute. New employees at our Institute are Dr.Yuki Utsumi, who will work on the project ‘The Physics of many-body systems – exploiting the world of complexity’ and assistant Domagoj Kovačić who is employed on Dr. Ticijana Ban‘s project ‘Frequency Comb induced Optomechanics’ and he will start with his doctoral thesis under dr.sc. Ban supervision. Colleagues Dr. Neven Šantić and Dr. Ivor Krešić are engaged on the same project, as postgraduate students.

Colleagues Marija Sobol and Nikolina Žilić Martinović have signed employment contracts annexes, in accordance to the new Ordinance on the structure and work of the Institute of Physics, in line with the new job systematizations. Colleague Kristina Stažić is a new employee at the Department of Finance. They were all welcomed in the Director Office where  Dr. Marko Kralj, Institute’s Director and his Assistant Director Dr Tomislav Vuletić, wished them successes in the future work.


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