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Contrast Dysl
News — 28/09/2018

New PhD students employed within the Institute of Physics' projects

On 20th of September 2018, Juraj Krsnik, M.Sc., and Mateo Kruljac, M.Sc., start working on the Institute of Physics as PhD students/assistants within the “Project of development of young scientists – education of new PhD’s” of the Croatian Science Foundation.

Since September the 26th, 2018 Borna Radatović, M.Sc. and Mihovil Jurdana, M.Sc. have been employed as assistants on project “Support to top-level research of the Center of excellence for advanced materials and sensors”, financed by the EU structural funds /KK. within the research unit “Science on graphene and related 2D structures”, and will investigate the characterization of electrical, mechanical and optical properties of 2D layers and heterostructures.

We wish our colleagues a lot of success in their work and in further development of their scientific careers.

cems phd studenti na IFu

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