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Contrast Dysl
News — 27/09/2021

Support from IP Booster

Institute of Physics has recently received support from IP Booster.  IP Booster is a specialised professional Intellectual Property service for public research organisations looking to realise value from their research results. Our Institute received a Landscape service providing an unbiased report from an independent third party for their research related to a mechanism of 3D printing using the masked stereolithography (MSLA) method. The research was led by Dr. Mario Rakić, and the participants were Antun Lovro Brkić, Antonio Supina and Dr. Hrvoje Skenderović. Their research is targeted at a specific 3D printing mechanism. The landscape was conducted using keyword-based patent searches.  No single patent was found to be similar to invention proposed by Dr. Rakic and collaborators. The report included a detailed review of the competitive IP relative to the research group’s specific area of interest. Key competitors and markets for the technology were identified and will guide Institute in our future patenting strategy. 


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