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Contrast Dysl
News — 05/01/2018

A brief review of the last year


The last year was marked by intensive activity in the preparation of large infrastructure projects KaCIF and CALT (the latter was proclaimed the strategic project of the Republic of Croatia in the field of scientific infrastructure) as well as the work on numerous other current and starting projects. CALT and KaCIF, which will be funded from EU funds and whose implementation will take place in the period 2018-2021, are the scientific base for the long-term sustainability of the Institute of Physics. It is important to mention that in last year a total of sixteen scientists were employed at the Institute, out of which 7 PhD students, 4 postdoctoral students, two scientific associates, one higher technical associate, one senior research associate and one senior scientist (permanent). Most of these jobs refer to the arrival of new colleagues to the Institute of Physics, but also part of our colleagues were promoted to higher positions. The latest in the series was a newly employed senior research associate, Dr. Vito Despoja, whom we wish a warm welcome.


Also, at the end of 2017, a Christmas party was a formal opportunity for us to say thank you, after long years of scientific work, to our colleagues senior scientists Dr. Bojana Hamzić and Dr. Mladen Prester as well as the technical advisor Dr. Željko Marohnić, who all went into well deserved retirement. The director of the Institute Dr. Marko Kralj gave a farewell thank you speech and presented them memory gifts. We all wished them a lot of health and happiness in the next stage of their lives.


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