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Contrast Dysl

Scientific project



European Commission | Horizon 2020


Multiscale Modelling For Fusion and Fission Materials

project leader

Mladen Prester

associatesĐuro Drobac
Ivan Balog
Nikolina Novosel
start date01.09.2017.
end date31.08.2021.
research areasSolid state physics



European Commission has recently approved the Horizon 2020 proposal Multiscale Modelling For Fusion and Fission Materials which engages Institute of Physics’ participation among 19 other EU research institutions. The goal of the project is in coordination of research taking place in the domain of constructive materials’ development –steels- to be applied in the design of new generation of fission reactors and fusion’s tokamaks. In both applications the materials/steels suffer serious degradation due to the presence of irradiation-induced defects. Formation and evolution of these defects represent the main focus of the project. At Institute of Physics the latter phenomena will be approached experimentally and theoretically, by studying magnetic dynamics of relevant irradiated and non-irradiated steel samples.


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