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Contrast Dysl

Scientific project



Ministarstvo znanosti i obrazovanja - Popularizacija znanosti


The star is born 2020

project leader

Berti Erjavec

associatesSilvije Vdović
Mario Rakić
Damir Dominko
Virna Kisiček
Nikša Krstulović
Damjan Blažeka
Marko Movre*
Mihaela Marceljak Ilić*
Ines Dukić*
*15. Gimnazija Zagreb
web page
start date01.01.2020.
end date31.12.2020.



The program of work with gifted students has been implemented for ten years in cooperation with the Zagreb XV. gymnasium. Students led by our scientists are given the opportunity to work on selected topics in the laboratories of the Institute of Physics in a genuine scientific environment.



Berti Erjavec, Silvije VdovićZvijezda je rođena - rad s darovitim učenicima na IF-u
Zbornik radova XV. hrvatskog simpozija o nastavi fizike, ISBN 978-953-7178-23-9, (224-230) (2021)
Download publication (PDF - 0.41 MB)

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