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Kontrast Disl
Ostala događaja: Research equipment and methods at the Institute of Physics, Zagreb03.05.2023. u 10:00h
Institute of Physics, 1st Wing, Lecture room


10:00 Introduction

10:10 Part 1. (60min)
             D. Starešinić (30)
             E. Tutiš (10)
         CALT (part 1)
              M. Kralj (20)

11:10 Pause (10min)

11:20 Part 2. (65 min)
          CALT (continuation)
                 T. Ban (20)
                 N. Krstulović (20)
                 S. Vdović (15)
                 G. Zgrablić (10)
12:25 Discussion and Closing
12:40 End

The meeting is organized by the IoPZg strategy workgroup, as a step to update the members of the Institute about the current status, significantly redefined by the completion of the recent infrastructural projects. The presentations may remain on Institute’s webspace for further reference, to get updated as times demand.

Each presentation is to be followed by a short Q&A period. The inspired discussion, if widely embraced, may get extra time. Further discussions are to be led before the pause and toward the end of the meeting.


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