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Seminar: Electronic and magnetic properties of 2D materials and systems Dr. Yuriy Dedkov
Department of Physics, Shanghai University, P. R. China
19.09.2023. u 11:00h
Online seminar @Institute of Physics




Recently, much experimental and theoretical effort has been dedicated to the investigation of the structural, electronic, and transport properties of graphene (gr) interfaced with metals and semiconductors. Particularly, the interfaces of graphene with ferromagnetic (FM) supports are interesting, as in perspective they can lead to the implementation of these 2D layers in spintronics applications as spin-filters or effective conductors for spin-polarized electrons. However, the orbital mixing of the electronic states of graphene and ferromagnetic metal at the gr/FM interfaces destroys the linear dispersion for the electronic π bands of graphene in the vicinity of the Fermi level. In the first half of my talk I will present the recent complex studies of the electronic and magnetic properties of the new gr/FM-Mn5Ge3 interfaces formed via intercalation of Mn in two epitaxial interfaces, gr/Ge(110) and gr/Ge(111) where the linear dispersion for the graphene π states is observed.

In the second half of my presentation I will review the electronic and magnetic properties of the new class of vdW materials – transition metal phosphorus trichalcogenides, MPX3 (M: transition metal; X: chalcogen). These materials are interesting due to the wide range of exciting properties ranging from the materials discovery of different compositions, observation of the tunable low-dimensional magnetism, low-dimensional ferroelectricity to possible application in Li- and Mg-ion batteries, as a hydrogen storage material, in water splitting applications, etc. I will present the recent spectroscopic results (XPS, NEXAFS, resonant PES) for MPX3, which help to understand the complex electronic properties of these interesting materials.

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Seminar hostsNeven Šantić i Damir Dominko

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