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Seminar: From single-molecule fluorescence to single-molecule chemiluminescence Prof. Jiandong Feng
Department of Chemistry, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China
17.06.2024. u 11:00h
Institute of Physics, 1st wing lecture room & Zoom

Revealing the spatial location, pathway, and dynamics of single-molecule processes helps establish the understanding of basic chemical processes of matter and life. Suffering from weak signals and randomness of reaction paths and locations, it is difficult to effectively control and track single-molecule processes. Thus, direct imaging of single-molecule dynamic processes is a long-standing challenge. Single-molecule fluorescence is a widely used method for single-molecule imaging. We developed single-molecule electrochemiluminescence microscopy and directly observed single-molecule electrochemical reactions in solution. The biological imaging capability of this technique can be complementary to single-molecule fluorescence microscopy. Recently, we further developed single-molecule chemiluminescence microscopy that does not rely on electrical excitation, allowing to perform single-molecule metrology at deep levels in solution. These novel single-molecule technologies can be applied to single-bacteria bioimaging, single-catalyst characterization, and single-molecule immunoassay, providing new tools for chemical metrology and biological imaging.


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Meeting ID: 508 144 0931

Seminar hostsNeven Šantić i Matija Čulo

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