Seminar: Understanding Co1/3NbS2 – the material with alternating metallic and highly frustrated magnetic layers Eduard Tutiš
Institute of Physics, Zagreb, Croatia
20.03.2019. u 15:00h
IF - predavaonica u zgradi Mladen Paić

Some time ago we reported Co1/3NbS2 being the first magnetically intercalated transition metal dichalcogenide (TMD) where the magnetic ordering can be tuned by pressure to its full suppression [1]. Here we present the extended experimental and theoretical study that explores various implications of the interaction between metallic and magnetic layers [2]. New experimental investigations include neutron scattering experiments, ac and dc magnetic susceptibility measurements, and electrical transport measurements in the wide temperature and pressure ranges, resulting in the new phase diagram for Co1/3NbS2. The theoretical work focuses on revealing the mechanisms of magnetic ordering and its suppression under pressure, starting from calculations of electronic structure and magnetic interactions.  We conclude that magnetic couplings beyond nearest-neighbor in-plane interactions determine the nature of magnetic ordering. The suppression of ordering under pressure is ascribed to the shift in balance between super-exchange and RKKY magnetic couplings, leading to fully frustrated magnetic system.

[1] N. Barišić, I. Smiljanić, P. Popčević, A. Bilušić, E.Tutiš, A. Smontara, H. Berger, J. Jacimović, O.Yuli, L. Forró, Phys. Rev. B 84 (2011), 7; 075157

[2] Electronic transport and magnetism in the alternating stack of metallic and highly frustrated magnetic layers in Co1/3NbS2, P. Popčević, I. Batistić, A. Smontara, K. Velebit, J. Jaćimović, E. Martino, I. Živković, N. Tsyrulin, J. Piatek, H. Berger, A. Sidorenko, H. Rønnow, N. Barišić, L. Forró, and E. Tutiš, in preparation


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