14/11/2017 — News

Institute of physics at Inteliber Fair

25/10/2017 — News

New employments at the Institute of Physics

17/10/2017 — NewsThe Institute of Physics employed PhD student

On October 16, 2017, the Institute of Physics employed young PhD student Željko Rapljenović within the HrZZ project “Young Researchers’ Career Development Project – Training of New Doctoral Students” under the mentorship of Tomislav Ivek.

11/10/2017 — News

10th Scientific Meeting of the Croatian Physical Society, Baska, Krk, 11-13. October 2017

05/10/2017 — News

CEMS centre of excellence signs contract of financing from the ERDF funds

04/10/2017 — News

The Institute of Physics awarded two scholarships

04/10/2017 — News

Ida Delač Marion defended her doctoral dissertation titled Hybrids of biomacromolecules and modern two-dimensional materials.

02/10/2017 — News

Workshop: Spin, charge and energy transport in novel material, Hvar, Croatia, October 1 -7, 2017

27/09/2017 — News

The Institute of Physics employed two young PhD students: M. Jurdana & B. Radatović.

18/09/2017 — News

The Institute of Physics employed three young PhD students: D. Blažeka, D. Buhin & V. Jadriško.

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