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24/06/2024 — Science newsUV and solar-driven photocatalysis of organic dyes using ZnO-Ag heterojunction nanoparticles synthesized by one-step laser synthesis in water

Members of the PLASAR group in cooperation with colleagues from the Institute of Physics and Jožef Stefan Institute published a paper in Applied Surface Science. In the paper, they present the method of laser synthesis of Ag and ZnO nanoparticles and show their advanced photocatalytic properties, highlighting the photocatalysis of organic dyes using a sunlight simulator. The mechanism of photocatalysis of Ag-ZnO using visible light was also determined.

11/06/2024 — Science newsPlasmon Excitations across the Charge-Density-Wave Transition in Single-Layer TiSe2

Our colleague Dino Novko, in collaboration with scientist from Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences, Iran, has published a paper in Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, in which they explore novel plasmonic features in charge-density-wave material TiSe2.

29/05/2024 — Science newsTailored plasmon polariton landscape in graphene/boron nitride patterned heterostructures

Neven Golenić and Vito Despoja, together with a collaborator from Italy Stefano de Gironcoli, published a paper in npj 2D Materials and Applications, where they theoretically examined the Bloch plasmon polaritons band structure in Al2O3/graphene/hexagonal-boron-nitride/graphene nanoribbons assembly  depending on the doping of graphene systems

22/04/2024 — Science newsOptically driven plasmons in graphene/hBN van der Waals heterostructures: simulating s-SNOM measurements

Our colleagues Neven Golenić and Vito Despoja, together with a collaborator from Italy Stefano de Gironcoli, published a paper in Nanophotonics, where they theoretically examined the 2D plasmon excitation efficiency in graphene/hexagonal-boron-nitride (Gr/hBN) composites via silver spherical nanoparticle.


29/03/2024 — Science newsStrain-enhanced large-area monolayer MoS2 photodetectors

Members of our SIMAT group, in collaboration with colleges from Spain, published a paper in the prestigious journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, where they show a direct correlation between applied mechanical strain and increase of photoresponsivity, as well as demonstrated endurance of non-encapsulated MoS2 monolayer based strain devices.

08/03/2024 — Science newsSpin-Reorientation-Driven Linear Magnetoelectric Effect in Topological Antiferromagnet Cu3TeO6

In a paper recently published in the journal Physical Review Letters, our colleagues V. Kisiček, D. Dominko, M. Čulo, M. Herak and T. Ivek, together with other collaborators, highlighted the role of spin reorientation in the magnetoelectric effect observed in antiferromagnetically ordered cuprate Cu3TeO6 investigated using static polarization measurements in an external magnetic field. The discovery indicates a previously undetected change in magnetic symmetry in the magnetic field, which plays a key role in the realized magnetoelectric effect, and in topological spin excitations as well.

27/02/2024 — Science newsIntercalation-induced states at the Fermi level and the coupling of intercalated magnetic ions to conducting layers in Ni1/3NbS2

An international research team led by our colleagues from the Department for Research of Materials under Extreme Conditions revealed the electronic structure of nickel intercalated 2H-NbS2. The combination of theoretical and experimental approaches provided insight into the peculiar role of the intercalated Ni ions in the electronic structure of the layered compound. The work received “Editors’ Suggestion” from Physical Review B.

06/12/2023 — Science news2D boron layer as a nanoscopic diffraction grating

A multimethod investigation of 2D boron sheet – i.e. borophene – on the surface of iridium is reported in a new paper by our colleagues from the SIMAT group with PhD student Sherif Kamal as the lead author. The study, published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, highlights the nanomodulated properties of epitaxial borophene which acts as an electron diffraction grating.

30/11/2023 — Science newsSpontaneous generation of quantum entanglement between many atoms

In a recent paper published in the journal Physical Review Letters, our colleague Ivor Krešić described a new method of generating quantum entanglement between ultracold atoms, based on self-organization in optical resonators laser-pumped to a state out of thermodynamic equilibrium

28/11/2023 — Special

Laserlab-Europe General Assembly Meeting will be held at the Institute of Physics on 28-29 November 2023.

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