05/10/2018 — NewsNobel Prize in physics 2018 awarded for discoveries in laser physics

Arthur Ashkin, Gérard Mourou and Donna Strickland have been awarded the Nobel Prize in physics 2018 for their revolutionary discoveries in the field of laser physics.

28/09/2018 — NewsNew PhD students employed within the Institute of Physics' projects

On 20th of September 2018, Juraj Krsnik, M.Sc., and Mateo Kruljac, M.Sc., start working on the Institute of Physics as PhD students/assistants within the “Project of development of young scientists – education of new PhD’s” of the Croatian Science Foundation.

31/08/2018 — Open positions

Based on the Procedure for scholarship awarding of December the 20th 2016, the Institute of physics in
Zagreb announces the proposal for two scholarships

24/08/2018 — Open positions

The Institute invites the assistant job vacancies (w / m, 2 executives) for a fixed term of up to 4 years, and for the purpose of acquiring the academic degree of a doctor of science.

28/07/2018 — Science newsAcceleration of hydrogen absorption by palladium through surface alloying with gold

Together with a group from University in Tokyo, Japan, our colleagues Petar Pervan, emeritus of the Institute Milorad Milun and alumni Ivo Pletikosić have published a paper in the prestigious journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences about the acceleration effect of acceleration of hydrogen absorption by palladium through surface alloying with gold.

28/07/2018 — Science newsSpontaneous light-mediated magnetism in cold atoms

Our colleague Ivor Krešić has published a paper together with collaborators from Great Britain and France on self-organization of magnetic dipoles in cold rubidium atoms illuminated by laser light using a feedback mirror.

06/07/2018 — SpecialOpening conference of the project CALT - The Center for advanced laser techniques

On July 6, 2018, a CALT Project (Center for Advanced Laser Techniques) opening conference was held on the premises of the Ministry of Science and Education in Zagreb. The conference gathered more than 80 participants from the academic community as well as national institutions and companies interested in research based on advanced laser techniques.

04/06/2018 — Open positions

The Institute announces a competition for Assistant Associates in the System of Science and Higher Education - 6 Performers

04/06/2018 — Open positions

Institute of Physics announces a proposal for Project Administrator on fixed term until the finalization of the project Cryogenic Centreat the Institute of Physics – KaCIF

28/05/2018 — SpecialSigning of the KaCIF project Contract

On Monday the 28th, 2018, a Contract was signed in the Ministry of Science and Education, according to which the sum of 39,558,639.75 Hrk is awarded to the project “Cryogenic center of the Institute of Physics – KaCIF” within the “Operational Programme Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014.– 2020“, financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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