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10/06/2022 — Science newsObservation of photonic constant-intensity waves and induced transparency in tailored non-Hermitian lattices

Our colleague Ivor Krešić has theoretically developed a method for removing scattering in inhomogeneous time-multiplexed fiber loop photonic lattices. Colleagues from the University of Rostock implemented this method in an experimental system of synthetic disordered photonic lattice created using laser pulses propagating inside optical fibers.

02/06/2022 — Science newsFar-from-Equilibrium Electron–Phonon Interactions in Optically Excited Graphene

Our colleague Dino Novko, in collaboration with scientists from Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, has published a paper in Nano Letters, in which they explore novel femtosecond many-body electron-phonon features in photo-excited graphene.

18/05/2022 — Science newsTransforming space with non-Hermitian dielectrics

Our colleague Ivor Krešić has published a paper in the Physical Review Letters, in which nonconformal geometric deformations of two-dimensional space are related to the non-Hermitian dielectric response of optically isotropic materials. Theoretical insights were used for the design of a broadband “invisibility cloak”, which prevents the detection of a desired object by both continuous and pulsed radiation.

06/05/2022 — Science newsMechanical manipulation of large scale 2D layers of boron

Members of our SIMAT group, with PhD student Borna Radatović as the leading author, published a paper in the prestigious journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, where they have successfully linked large-scale growth of borophene and its transfer to arbitrary substrates. The quality of the transferred borophene, which is key for future applications, was confirmed in a combined experimental and theoretical approach.

14/03/2022 — Science newsUltrafast Plasmonic Response Ensured by Atomic Scale Confinement

Our colleagues Dino Novko, Marin Petrović, and Marko Kralj, in collaboration with colleagues from Japan (Kyoto University, Toyota Physical and Chemical Research Institute, Open University of Japan), published a paper in the journal ACS Photonics on ultrafast time dynamics of multipole plasmon in heterostructures based on 2D materials.

02/03/2022 — Science newsMetal oxide nanoparticles as solid contact in ion-selective electrodes sensitive to potassium ions

Our colleagues Nikša Krstulović, Damjan Blažeka and Julio Car, in collaboration with the scientists from the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University and Lublin University of Technology, have published a paper about metal oxide nanoparticles as solid contact in ion-selective electrodes sensitive to potassium ions. This result is important since it opens possibility of future collaboration with scientist from Poland.

04/02/2022 — Science newsMultidimensional multiphoton momentum microscopy of the anisotropic Ag(110) surface

Our colleagues Dino Novko and Branko Gumhalter, in collaboration with the scientists from the University of Pittsburgh and Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, have published a paper about novel band-structure features of the anisotropic Ag(110) surface. Their work received “Editors’ Suggestion” from Physical Review B.

11/11/2021 — Science newsPolymerization kinetics of experimental resin composites functionalized with conventional (45S5) and a customized low-sodium fluoride-containing bioactive glass

Our colleague Hrvoje Skenderović in collaboration with scientists from School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb and University of Zurich recently published results of their research on the in vitro investigation of polymerization kinetics and curing light transmittance of two series of experimental dental resin composites filled with bioactive glasses in prestigious journal Scientific Reports.

21/10/2021 — Science newsElectronic Structure of Quasi-Freestanding WS2/MoS2 Heterostructures

Our PhD student Borna Pielić and several members of SIMAT group, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Siegen and the University of Zagreb, published an article in the prestigious journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, on the growth and characterization of quasi-freestanding WS2/MoS2 heterostructures.

29/09/2021 — Science newsControl of a polar order in a vector chiral magnet

Our colleagues Martina Dragičević, David Rivas Góngora, Željko Rapljenović, Mirta Herak, Vedran Brusar, Damir Altus, and Tomislav Ivek, in collaboration with associates at JSI, Slovenia and EPFL, Switzerland, published an article on control of ferroelectricity in β-TeVO4, an antiferromagnetic material with spin spiral ordering.

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