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31/08/2018 — Open positions

Based on the Procedure for scholarship awarding of December the 20th 2016, the Institute of physics in
Zagreb announces the proposal for two scholarships

24/08/2018 — Open positions

The Institute invites the assistant job vacancies (w / m, 2 executives) for a fixed term of up to 4 years, and for the purpose of acquiring the academic degree of a doctor of science.

04/06/2018 — Open positions

The Institute announces a competition for Assistant Associates in the System of Science and Higher Education - 6 Performers

04/06/2018 — Open positions

Institute of Physics announces a proposal for Project Administrator on fixed term until the finalization of the project Cryogenic Centreat the Institute of Physics – KaCIF

12/08/2017 — Open positions

The Institute announces vacancies for Ph.D. students - Early-Stage Researchers. Two positions available during one year.

18/07/2017 — Open positions

Institute of physics advertises nine job vacancies.

25/04/2017 — Open positions

Announcement of vacancy for postdoctoral researcher in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics.

24/03/2017 — Open positions

Announcement of vacancy for 2 PhD student for the period of 5 years for the purpose of acquiring a doctoral degree.

10/02/2017 — Open positions

Postdoctoral researcher in Nanoscience / Condensed Matter Physics / Biophysics at the Institute of Physics, Zagreb

17/01/2017 — Open positions

IMAQSS at the IF invites applications for a postdoctoral position in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics to work on a research project Influence of Magnetic Anisotropy on Quantum Spin Systems

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