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Contrast Dysl
Special — 14/03/2019

Plenary meeting of the Association of Resources for Biophysical Research in Europe-Molecular Biophysics in Europe (ARBRE-MOBIEU)

Knowledge about the molecular, physical basis of biological mechanisms is growing rapidly. Principles and methods of biophysics provide the basis of bioscience and rational language for discussion among scientists of different disciplines. Molecular biophysics is a study of biological macromolecules and supramolecular systems, between the description of molecular atomic structures and observation at the cellular level.
Apart from the sessions devoted to the ongoing work of ARBRE-MOBIEU, we planned 4 scientific sections, 3 poster sections and a lot of time for networking and solving the puzzle of life. There are also representatives of several other COST scientific networks that collaborate with Croatian scientists in the field of molecular biophysics.
This has been the most numerous meeting of the ARBRE network, with nearly 200 participants from all over Europe and seventeen sponsors and other industry partners. There are about 35 participants from the Republic of Croatia. ARBRE-MOBIEU and Croatian Biophysical Society (CBS) appreciate the participation of industrial partners, but also the help of the Institute of physics and the Ruđer Bošković Institute.
The introductory word will be held by prof. Patrick England, Head of ARBRE-MOBIEU as well as the Director of IRB, Dr. D. Smith and Dr. T. Vuletić, as representative of the Institute of physics and CBS.
Thereafter, a plenary lecture will be held by a well known scientist from the Croatian diaspora, prof. Nenad Ban, ETH, Zurich.  


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