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Contrast Dysl
Open positions — 07/07/2016

Announcement of vaccancies

Institute of Physics, Zagreb, Bijenicka 46,

Announcement of  vaccancies

1 PhD student on the basis of competition HrZZ  “project for the career development of young researchers – the training of new doctors of science” for the period of 2  years, under the terms HrZZ, and the purpose of acquiring doctoral degrees.

The work will be carried out on the project: Frequency-Comb-induced OptoMechanics, 1 employee.

Mandatory requirements: completed integrated undergraduate and graduate study of physics:  Master of science degree or the equivalent, and entered the doctoral studies in physics,: atomic and molecular physics and astrophysics, module: Atomic and Molecular Physics.

Additional criteria are: previous awards, prizes, etc., for excellence in study and research, participation in scientific research, published works, and personal presentations at scientific conferences.
The application for the vacancy must be accompanied by: curriculum vitae, diploma or certificate of completion of the study, evidence of mandatory requirements and additional criteria and at least one recommendation letter (recommendation letter to be sent directly to

Please submit applications for the vacancy within 30 days of the publication of the tender in the Official Gazette  at the address: Institute of Physics, Zagreb, Bijenicka 46, Secretariat (for vacancy-doc) or by e-mail in pdf format on (subject: project title).
Applicants will be informed on the results of the tender within the legal deadline.

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