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Contrast Dysl

Scientific project



HrZZ IP-2020-02-9666


Intercalated transition metal dichalcogenides

project leader

Petar Popčević

associatesMirta Herak
Ana Smontara
Naveen Kumar Chogondahalli Muniraju
Gaurav Pransu
Naveen Singh Dhami
Wojciech Jerzy Sas
Ivo Batistić -PMF Zagreb
Laszlo Forro-EPFL Lausanne Švicarska
start date01.01.2021.
end date31.01.2025.
total ammount1,384,300.00
research areasSolid state physics



Transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) are layered materials that, due to their reduced dimensionality, host interesting phases such as charge density waves (CDW) and superconductivity. Due to the layered structure, these materials can be intercalated with magnetic ions resulting in suppression of CDW/superconductivity in favor of different magnetic ground states. Furthermore, the wealth of phases that this family of materials hosts lies in the possibility of combining different chemical elements which build them. All these phases are relatively easy to influence by intercalation as well as by applying external pressure. The aim of the project is to better understand the magnetism of these materials as well as the processes that dominate electric transport in these systems and to understand to what extent they are similar / different from heavy fermionic compounds, unconventional superconductors and topological materials.

Several aspects of TMD are intertwined in the project: first, (relatively) long range magnetic interactions, and interactions of magnetic and metallic degrees of freedom. The second is the effect of uniaxial and hydrostatic pressure on ground states. The third is the effect of disorder on the ground states of TMD and finally, the topological aspects of TMDs.



Yuki Utsumi Boucher, Izabela Biało, Mateusz A. Gala, Wojciech Tabiś, Marcin Rosmus, Natalia Olszowska, Jacek J. Kolodziej, Bruno Gudac, Mario Novak, Naveen Kumar Chogondahalli Muniraju, Ivo Batistić, Neven Barišić, Petar Popčević, and Eduard TutišIntercalation-induced states at the Fermi level and the coupling of intercalated magnetic ions to conducting layers in Ni 1 / 3 NbS 2
Physical Review B 109, 085135 (2024).
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.109.085135 20240223


P. Popčević, I. Batistić, A. Smontara, K. Velebit, J. Jaćimović, I. Živković, N. Tsyrulin, J. Piatek, H. Berger, A. Sidorenko, H. Rønnow, L. Forró , N. Barišić, and E. Tutiš Electronic transport and magnetism in the alternating stack of metallic and highly frustrated magnetic layers in Co1/3NbS2,
Physical Review B (2023) 107, 235149
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.107.235149 20230629


Marija Zorić, Naveen Singh Dhami, Kristian Bader, Peter Gille, Ana Smontara, Petar PopčevićNegative magnetoesistance in hopping regime of lightly doped thermoelectric SnSe
Materials (2023) 16(7) ,2863
DOI: 10.3390/ma16072863 20230404

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