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Contrast Dysl

Scientific project



HrZZ - IP-2022-10-4724


Nanoscale interaction of light and atomically thin structures

project leader

Marko Kralj

associatesIva Šrut Rakić
Marin Petrović
Nataša Vujičić
Ana Senkić
Christian Teichert (Universität Leoben)
Marko Spasenović (IHTM Beograd)
start date01.02.2024.
end date31.01.2028.
total ammount198.550,00 EUR
research areasSolid state physics
Surface physics



In the scope of the research project ”Nanoscale interaction of light and atomically thin structures,” we aim to reach substantial new knowledge on the nanoscale optical properties of nanomaterials based on two-dimensional (2D) atomically thin layers and structures. This regards characterization of the optical response at the nanoscale and getting insight into the rich physics of quasiparticle interactions with an electromagnetic field, which is a combination of solid-state quantum materials and quantum optics. We rely on strong expertise in the synthesis and fabrication of high-quality 2D materials, which is even more strengthened by international collaboration within this project. The central part of this research is dedicated to near-field nanoscale optical imaging and spectroscopy, a unique technique that provides wavelength independent 10 nm spatial resolution. Within this project, we plan to upgrade the functionality of our s-SNOM near-field system to near-field imaging in the visible range. We also plan to employ one new postdoc and two Ph.D. students to join this exciting research within SIMAT research group at the Institute of Physics.

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