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Contrast Dysl
Mateo Forjan
position Assistants —
e-mail mforjan
office number II - 227
office phone +385 1 469 8866     local:166
CV (pdf - 0.06 MB)

Scientific projects - associate

Biological and bioinspired structures for multispectral surveillance

NATO - Science for Peace and Security Programme, međunarodni projekt
15.10.2019. - 15.10.2022.
Leader: Hrvoje Skenderović
Associates: Nazif Demoli, Mario Rakić, Jadranko Gladić, Denis Abramović, Mateo Forjan, Voditelj srpskog dijela projekta: dr. sc. Dejan Pantelić, Institut za fiziku, Beograd
Research areas: Optical physics

Group for Applied ultrafast Spectroscopy and Photochemical Identification

01.03.2018. - 28.02.2023.
Leader: Silvije Vdović
Associates: Mario Rakić, Damir Dominko, Mateo Forjan, Vedran Brusar, mag.appl.chem. Antonija Husak (IRB)
Research areas: Atomic and molecular physics

Completed scientific projects - associate

Solvation Dynamics and Excited State Energy Transfer of Complex Molecules in Condensed Phase

MZO / bilateralni HR-Kina
01.02.2018. - 01.02.2020.
Leader: Silvije Vdović
Associates: Damir Aumiler, Damir Dominko, Mateo Forjan, Nikola Basarić (IRB), Andong Xia (Institut za kemiju Kineske akademije znanosti - ICCAS, Peking)
Research areas: Atomic and molecular physics

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