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NEWFELPR (outgoing scheme)



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Damir Dominko

suradnici prof. Jure Demšar (Sveucilište Mainz)
prof. Vikor Kabanov (Institut Jožef Stefan)
datum početka01.12.2014.
datum završetka30.11.2017.
ukupna svota111360.20 EUR
područja istraživanjaFizika čvrstog stanja



Charge density wave (CDW) and superconductors (SC) are collective ground states emerging from interplay between electron and phonon degrees of freedom. Coupling strengths, ultrafast processes and order parameter dynamics can be investigated by ultrafast time-resolved spectroscopies. In FemtoBias project we propose a novel approach to study ultrafast dynamics of CDWs and SCs, driven out-of equilibrium by applying external bias. External current will break the inversion symmetry of CDW state and induce the coupling between Raman active (amplitude) and infrared active (phase) collective modes. Such coupling has not been studied thus far. SCs will be exposed to external currents to study: i) the influence of vortex motion on the order parameter dynamics by time resolved THz spectroscopy and ii) the dynamics of phase dislocation lines using time resolved magneto-optic imaging. Special attention will be dedicated to the noise reduction through innovative experimental procedures.

IF Ⓒ 2017 Ndoc Deda